Inbound Marketing

Provide value to consumers and nurture relationships to increase your ROI and generate quality leads.

At Rich Graphics we focus on attracting customers to you by offering them information that aids them in solving an immediate problem they are experiencing. This help draws them further into your website, where they are converted in to leads. These leads are then qualified, and relationships are built and nurtured. By continuing to strengthen these relationships, your customers eventually become ambassadors of your brand and the cycle begins anew.

Rich Graphics Marketing Methodology

Atlantic Inbound Marketing Methodology diagram

We begin the inbound process by targeting your ideal customer unleashing a steady flow of both earned and owned media including social media, SEO, blog posts and press releases. We then convert this new site traffic from visitors to leads using a conversion-focused design and content offers such as e-books, white papers and calculators.

The way business conduct sales has changed. Today’s internet-saavy consumer is searching for solutions to their challenges online – and we can help you become involved in this conversation.

Everyone is different and no two inbound marketing strategies are the same – which is why we offer a wide array of services, designed to suit your individual needs. Inbound is about people and personalization right from the start. However, here are some of our most common service offerings:

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