Content Marketing

Content is the keystone of every inbound marketing strategy. It draws the targeted visitors to your site who become leads, then customers and advocates.

Cut through the chatter of a noisy marketplace by targeting your content at your ideal prospects. Create dialogue by knowing their motivations, needs and issues – and by using their vocabulary. Keep the conversation going throughout each stage of the buying process. Tune into the online channels they use to read and share. Introduce proper mediums (blogs, infographics, videos, text, email, ebooks, etc.) at each stage of the buyer’s journey to keep the story going.

Rich Graphics plans, creates, distributes and promotes content that attracts, connects and drives conversions. We create content for our clients that informs, educates, provokes and entertains. Paired with keywords tailored to your ideal client and images that pop, our campaigns convert prospects into leads and leads into customers and advocates for your brand.