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The CEED SEB Showcase

By December 31, 2009Networking

I recently had the opportunity to set up a booth at the first-ever CEED SEB Showcase. I am an alumni of CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Education) – and their SEB (Self-Employment Benefit) program. This two-hour networking event featured great food (catered by Culinary Inspirations), a dozen or so booths, and a graduation ceremony. My booth featured a laptop with my website, brochures, business cards and a prize draw. My colleague Kathy at Time On Task VA Services was also in attendance with a booth of similar caliber.
This was a great opportunity to market to people who are just starting their own business and established businesses who are growing. The experience of manning a booth was a new one for me and the venue was a great place to learn how! The crowd seemed forgiving when my ancient laptop overheated and shut down several times – and lessons like this were best learned at a small venue like this – before paying big bucks for a booth at some other venue in the city. This opportunity also motivated me to catchup on some personal business projects – new business cards, new brochures, and some website updating – that I’d been putting off in favour of billable-work for the last few months.
If you ever have the opportunity to put together a booth and show your product or service – be sure to take it! I’m glad I started small, and am now eager for the next opportunity. I’ve learned a few lessons, and have a few ideas to improve my presence next time. If you require any materials for your booth, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Rich Graphics specializes in printed material as well as cutting edge websites.